Lipofectamine 3000

The numbers reflected here are for 1 whole 8-well chamber slide transfected with one type of DNA plasmid.

In one tube place the following (adjust amount for total # chamber slides you are working with regardless of different DNA plasmids used)

Optimem: 100ul
Lipofectamine 3000: 4ul

Mix well by pipetting

In another tube (or tubes if multiple DNA plasmids are being used) place the following. Be sure to adjust amount for how many chamber slides or parts of chamber slides you need transfected with that specific DNA plasmid. 

Optimem: 100ul
P3000: 8ul
DNA: 4ul

Mix well by pipetting

Let sit for a minute while you return plasmids, optimem, and lipofectamine to the fridge.

Distribute 100ul Lipofectamine mix to into the DNA mix (adjust according to how much Optimem is in each specific DNA plasmid mix [1X]) 

Mix well by pipetting.

Let sit for 5 minutes while labeling and changing media on existing chamber slides (Doesn't seem to matter how much you add. I usually go for about 250ul)

Distribute 25ul of the total mix to each chamber of the chamber slide.