December 30, 2015


Motile cilia are hair-like cell projections that line much of the airway epithelium. Coordinated beating of these cilia drives the transport of fluid and mucus lining the airway.  Mucus traps inhaled pathogens and debris, and the cilia underneath are the engines driving mucociliary transport, the major process by which the airway gets rid of these inhaled microbes and debris and protects itself from infection    

Developing cilia (green) in a fixed human primary sinonasal air-liquid interface culture, stained with mouse anti-beta-tubulin IV primary and AF488 secondary.
Tight junctions and microvilli (magenta) stained with AF647 phalloidin for actin.
60x (1.4 N.A. oil), laser-scanning confocal (Olympus Fluoview FV-1000); xy view of maximum z-projection (made in FIJI)