July 28, 2016

In vitro Effects of Anthocyanidins on Sinonasal NO Production and Bacterial Physiology

Ben's first paper with the lab (Hariri, B.M., et al.  2016.  "In vitro Effects of Anthocyanidins on Sinonasal Epithelial Nitric Oxide Production and Bacterial Physiology."  American Journal of Rhinology and Allergy.  30:261-268.) is up on PubMed and on the AJRA website.  Congrats, Ben!  

We found that a biologically active class of flavonoids, anthocyanidins, stimulate taste-receptor independent NO production from airway epithelial cells.  However, these compounds increase bacterial swimming motility, which might be bad from a therapeutic standpoint.  These results highlight the benefits of testing potential therapeutic compounds in in vitro assays, including in vitro bacterial assays, to better predict their effects in vivo.  

There are more papers on the horizon from Ben's work....