April 3, 2017

New JBC Paper

A paper we submitted to the Journal of Biological Chemistry was accepted, and the accepted manuscript version is already up online!

Hariri, B.M., McMahon, D.B., Chen, B., Freund, J.R., Mansfield, C.J., Doghramji, L.J., Adappa, N.D., Palmer, J.N., Kennedy, D.W., Reed, D.R., Jiang, P., and Lee, R.J. “Flavones Modulate Respiratory Epithelial Innate Immunity: Anti-Inflammatory Effects and Activation of the T2R14 Receptor." J. Biol. Chem. In Press. PMID: 28373278

We studied a class of biologically active flavonoids, flavones, which have anti-inflammatory effects in primary nasal epithelial cells. Flavones also activate a bitter taste receptor isoform (T2R14) in airway cell cilia, which activates innate immune responses that may be beneficial for treating chronic rhinosinusitis or other infectious respiratory diseases.