September 6, 2017

FASEB paper online

We have an in press paper just published online at The FASEB Journal, showing that the protease activated receptor isoform PAR-2 regulates ciliary beat frequency and apical membrane chloride permeability in airway epithelial cells through calcium signaling.

McMahon, D.B., Workman, A.D., Kohanski, M.A., Carey, R.M., Freund, J.R., Hariri, B.M., Chen, B., Dogrhamji, L.J., Adappa, N.D., Palmer, J.N., Kennedy, D.W., and Lee, R.J.  "Protease-activated receptor 2 activates airway apical membrane chloride permeability and increases ciliary beating."  FASEB J.  In Press.

PAR-2 is activated by neutrophil elastase and other immune proteases as well as certain fungal and dust mite proteases.  We show in this paper that PAR-2 activation induces calcium signals that acutely regulate two components of mucociliary clearance: (1) apical membrane chloride permeability necessary for fluid secretion, and (2) ciliary beating necessary for movement of mucus.  

Thanks to Derek, Ben, and Jenna from the lab for their work on the project, as well as Alan Workman, Mike Kohanski, and Ryan Carey for helping with several of the experiments.