March 18, 2020

COVID-19 temporary closure

Our lab is currently closed for the COVID-19 epidemic.  We and other labs are on a strict “work from home only” directive from Penn. This is the right call for the health and safety of all lab members and for other researchers at Penn. I hope that all grad student and postdocs as well as all other researchers are reminded, now more than ever, that their health and safety is more important than generating data. 

We will return to the lab as soon as we can to continue trying to better understand airway biology, but until then we hope everyone stays safe and healthy. Please follow the advice of the public health professionals and epidemiologists. Please practice social distancing and good hygiene to reduce the spread of this devastating virus. We hope everyone gets through this difficult time as smoothly as possible. 

Our thanks go out to the virologists and physicians working on the front lines to treat patients and develop new treatments for this virus. Out hearts go out to those suffering. Please be kind to one another and let’s all do our part to reduce virus transmission through our communities. We wish you all the best.